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Resources | Moving In and Out

Renter’s Insurance

This is a type of property insurance that allows the policyholder to have coverage for their belongings and liability within a rental property. It protects against any losses of personal property that may occur during the tenant’s stay in the rented property. In addition, this type of insurance policy also protects against losses resulting from liability claims.

Moving in:

  • Contact utility providers to arrange for installation or transfer or services
  • Complete a move-in inspection form
  • Check all smoke detectors to make sure they work. Also, locate the nearest fire extinguisher in case you need to use it in the future.

Moving out:

  • Write or email a note to your landlord, giving them notice that you will be moving out of your rented property. If you do not plan on leaving, check that the apartment is available and sign a new lease.
  • Provide a forwarding address for your security deposit.
  • Upon moving out, you must leave the apartment in the same condition that it was in when you first moved in. Clean thoroughly, and don’t leave anything that wasn’t there.
  • Turn in your keys and disconnect all utilities.